Feburary 2023

Valentine's Day is coming up, but so are the Oscars. What was your favorite movie you saw in 2022 and what movie are you looking forward to this year?

1. "I didn't seen any movies in 2022. This year the puss in boots movie was amazing.

Agreed! That movie made me cry, and the animation was very pretty.:)

Janurary 2023

Can you believe it? 2023?!

What are your New Years resolution?

1. "Find a job I like :("

2. "get gayer"

3. "Progress on my job :)"

Thanks for answering ya'll! Good luck on that gay job. I believe in you.

December 2022

What the h*ck are you doing for the holidays.

1. "I'll be spending a lot of time with family! It's a bit of a juggling act since my parents are divorced and refuse to be in the same room, but I'll split the time as well as I can. It'll be nice to see everyone."

2. "i HAVE NO idea and it's NEARLY christmas!!"

3. "I'm visiting my family in the town where I grew up! Probably going to play dungeons and dragons with some old friends too"

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and other holidays!

March 2022

What is your favorite thing about neocities?

1. "The degree of creative freedom it gives to people when making their website. These places look so different from each other and each has such a cool touch of personality to them. Often, I find people here are passionate about creating, be it art, stories, etc. Seeing others create also makes you want to create! also your site is really cool btw :D" (thanks!)

2. "how many cool websites there are and how easy it is to get started making your own. I never would have made a website without being inspired by all the cool neocities sites"

3. "The creativity"

4. "Seeing people's amazing coding work even if it's only a tiny box"

5. "the freedom and wild variety of stuff i can find."

Thank you all for answering! ^-^