What is the experience machine?

The experience machine is a thought experiment first created by Robert Nozick. Here’s the thought experiment, excerpt from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

“Imagine a machine that could give you any experience (or sequence of experiences) you might desire. When connected to this experience machine, you can have the experience of writing a great poem or bringing about world peace or loving someone and being loved in return. You can experience the felt pleasures of these things, how they feel ‘from the inside.’ You can program your experiences for tomorrow, or this week, or this year, or even for the rest of your life. If your imagination is impoverished, you can use the library of suggestions extracted from biographies and enhanced by novelists and psychologists. You can live your fondest dreams ‘from the inside.’ Would you choose to do this for the rest of your life? If not, why not?”

That three headed guy

Cerberum/Cerberus/No name. He’s from an outer-space hydra-like species, where each body has multiple shape-based heads to reflect different thinking patterns. He was created as a fursona in 2021 to express how my thinking sometimes feels.

Purpose of this website:

The purpose of this website is to be a personal space where I can express myself. Most of all, it is to have fun. :-) My hope is to leave the majority of social media in favor of the world of personal websites, which feels like a healthier alternative.

Some other notes:

I may talk about otherkin and imaginary friend experiences. I may also use plural pronouns when referring to myself, because I can and it’s how I sometimes think/talk to myself in. Neocities users may note that this site WILL be edited in the neocities page html instead of in a separate editor :-)) Art used will be my characters and drawn by me. Art of OCs that is not drawn by me will be credited.


^_^ If you have any questions, message wildfoxbat@gmail.com.
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