pronounced "mah-so" or "may-so"

Maso is a funamusea fan devil created in 2020. I also really love his god, Sado. But Sado isn't as materialistic as Maso, and wouldn't want needless fawning over from an internet shrine...


Before Maso was a thing, the very first funamusea fan character was a cannibalistic demon who thought he was an angel named Laplace. Somehow, the idea to make a fan god and devil came to be thanks to Laplace and his character history. Laplace is also still a character in the paracosm as well as the poor guy that accidentally broke Maso and Sado's relationship ( eating the head angel but that's another story for another day).

The first concept of Maso actually had nothing to do with funamusea lore. It was a daydream idea of an evil, devilish pig that owned a neverending sinful buffet (which was a large dining room). Every soul that found themselves there would be seated at the buffet for eternity. A lot from that concept is in Maso. People get spirited away to his world and often make deals with him (in exchange for their soul). While Maso doesn't own just a buffet, he does love to eat (and make deals while eating a fancy meal). His world is a Casino / Hotel that still plays on pleasure and immorality.

Despite being what the kids call a "comfort character", Maso is an absolute menance! A terrible pig! Immoral and amoral! But he's handsome so everything's okay. His demons are all cursed to love him, so maybe he cursed me! Or took my soul! Ahh!!! Help...!!!!

Maso has a ton of stupid lingo and catchphrases he often overuses. These include:

A picture of Maso and Sado. This art was made for April Fools. Maso is a pig devil, while Sado is a jackal god. They can be seen as "two sides of the same coin." They used to date you know, but now they can't stand each other.. But they also won't leave each other alone. How complicated!
Art of Maso and his emo bellhop, Othello. Maso has quite a few demons, but Othello acts as his servant. While all the demons get to hang around and do their hobbies (which are almost like jobs but shhh don't tell them), Othello has to do all the work. He's also Maso's favorite and is more than likely always with Maso. Othello has a lot of weird shadow hands because he was cursed with them. Although Maso acts all free, he'll be more than happy to curse his demons if they do something he doesn't like (Othello was cursed because he asked for a break from all the work..). So far, only two demons have been cursed though-- including Othello.
!! bOnUs MaSo MinEcRaFt SKiN !!

Art by other people

art by @peepzu, my friend :)

in role-play scenarios, Maso "befriends" Pao, a pink-haired undead human (my friend's character!). He's also once taken her soul (but she has it back now thankfully!). They do a lot of deals together and Maso is really entertained by Pao.

art by Mortis Ghost. Featuring Pao and Maso hanging out like real besties.

art by Funamusea! Secretly, she didn't really draw them correctly (am nitpicky!) but I like it anyways.

Fun Maso Facts


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