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the secret stash

Personal stash of random links to tulpa (& related) discussions found interesting.

tulpa-switching related

Switching from within

Switching Made Easy

Tips for dissociation while switching ? (thread)

Feathers Guide to Fronting and Switching (by fuzzyjayling)

Verples Switching Guide

Tulpa Switching Experiences Study

Felight's Fronting Fundamentals

memory manipulation. taboo topic, may be dangerous to try.

gwen's guide to memory manipulation

Is there a way to black yourself out when others front? (thread)

other tulpa guides

Using Thresholds and Furniture to Remember Your Tulpa

Wonderland tips, tricks, and basics for hosts

NoneFromHell's Three task tulpa revitalization exercise

"Potentionally easy way for a glimpse of real world imposition?"(interesting use of lucid dreaming techniques)

fake it till you make it: a guide on tulpa creation via BS

other misc

"I am a Tibetan Buddhist with an emanation (Tulpa) AMA + Introduction"

‘I’ve learned I need to treat my characters like people’: Varieties of agency and interaction in Writers’ experiences of their Characters’ Voices

The history of the term ‘fictive.’